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The Eagles started their 17-15 loss to Wales in the Shield Semifinals with grit. They took the opening kick and staved off feisty Welsh counter rucking. Luke Hume ran diagonally up field, drew a double team and offloaded to Matt Hawkins with all kinds of green in front of him. The captain scored, but the conversion was missed.

Wales responded immediately, when Luke Morgan took the restart, stiff-armed Hume and ran cleanly in for the try. Rhys Jones nailed the conversion, putting Wales up 7-5.

Hawley took the restart and passed to Hume, but he knocked on. Hume took a knee to the head and stayed down dazed, but remained on the pitch. Wales scored shortly thereafter following a penalty.

Wales scored again after another USA penalty at the break down. This one was an obvious hand-in-the-ruck by Zack Test, leaving the Eagles down 17-5 at halftime.

USA got on the board early in the second half much like they did in the first half – Hume made an individual break and offloaded to Hawkins, who offloaded in contact to Jack Halalilo for the try. Folau Niua missed the conversion.

Test then took the restart cleanly and put USA on the front foot. Wales was pinged for a penalty, and the Eagles worked the ball wide to Scully for a try. Shalom Suniula missed the conversion, leaving the USA down 17-15.

The Eagles got the ball again with a chance to win it. Folau Niua hesitated before passing to Suniula, who short-armed a pass to Carlin Isles. Wales took the ball and cleared to touch to end the game.