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By the time the USA Men's National Team had landed in Atlanta, they had all viewed the film of their tie with Uruguay.

No one was smiling.

"We had a lot of good film study and we all knew we'd underperformed," said flanker Scott LaValla. "We made a lot of mistakes. On the day we met a team that was very motivated and very passionate. They defended really courageously - a very courageous bunch of rugby players. But we also could have done some things."

LaValla said Uruguay did very well in slowing down ruck ball. Certainly the Eagles had their issues with the referee's policing of the ruck, but, said LaValla, that happens.

"Uruguay didn't worry too much about the gain line, but they'd tackle low and get our guys isolated," said the Stade Francais flanker. "So we need to be smarter about that and add another pass. We need to come in lower in the rucks. We need to keep our shape and use our direct runners properly, and I think we can do that."

Hooker Phil Thiel agreed.

"We've analyzed the film, we've worked hard to study the film, been very honest with ourselves about our performance, and have been training hard this week focusing on areas we've targeted for improvement," said Thiel.

Interestingly, both LaValla and Thiel had a handle in the Eagles revitalizing last week's game. LaValla seemed to score a try late in the first half, only to have it disallowed, and Thiel actually scored moments later, to help the USA claw back from a 19-6 deficit for what was ultimately a 27-27 tie.

"We started to gel better," said Thiel of the 50 minutes during which they outscored Uruguay 21-8. "We started to get more on the same page. That led to some very good play, we need to keep the foot on the gas when we get rolling like that."

LaValla said the Eagles have had some solid practices and he was especially pleased with Tuesday.

"Everyone had a very positive energy and that's really good," he said.

"We feel like there were a lot of things we can improve upon," added Thiel. "The result was definitely not what we were looking for, and that being said, we get a second chance to really play a strong game and have the performance that we feel we can put together. Everyone has kept a very positive attitude through this week."