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The USA team won't say anything. What they want to do is take their lumps and get on with it. But don't be surprised if the Eagles, who are flying home early after a distressing 0-4-1 weekend at the Wellington 7s, improve in Las Vegas.

Why? Because the days leading up to the Hertz 7s in New Zealand was not ideal. Due to issues beyond their control, the players were training a bit against the tide last week.

Did they look sluggish at times? There's a reason for that (actually, more than one), and while some of the players really gutted it out, it wasn't easy. In the end, they lost three games by deficits of 7, 5 and 2 points. And they tied another game. Had the travel and buildup gone better, could some of those games become victories? It's possible.

The Eagles and South Africa are both flying to the USA a day earlier than most teams. For the Americans, it will be good to get home and rebound in front of their home crowd.