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USA Men’s 7s Head Coach Al Caravelli has some decisions to make when he convenes his next team camp.

Caravelli told the RuggaMatrix America podcast that he used the first two tournaments of the IRB World Series to find his starting seven players. He’s done that, and it is clear he will make a few changes to the squad going forward.

Among the new players he might consider putting on the squad is a veteran, Justin Boyd. Boyd last played for the USA at the 2009 World Games. After that he suffered a devastating knee injury, and spent the better part of a year working his way back.
He is now healthy, and in fact was pushing for a spot on the squad to Dubai before he pulled a hamstring. The injury was perhaps fortuitous as he might not have been 100% ready. Now he is.

“I feel great,” Boyd told “I’ve put on some pounds; I am bigger and stronger, and I feel I can do a lot more on than just play wing.”

Boyd said the rehab work he did on his knee caused him to appreciate his fitness training much more.

“I am much better at it now,” he said. “I just need to keep working and get fitter, always fitter. The time away was good for me, in a way. I was able to really concentrate on becoming stronger and fitter.”

Having put on 15-20 pounds of muscle, Boyd said “I look a lot different.”

More than that, he’s back in the game.

Notes: USA flyhalf Nese Malifa said his surgery has gone well and he hopes to be back for the 7s team this season. However, it's unclear at present how long he will be out. He could be ready for the final four tournaments (Adelaide, Hong Kong, London and Edinburgh).