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John Mitchell’s Eagles are on the brink of making history, though it may take them some months to realize it. They’ve won four tests in a row, over Chile, Canada, Brazil and Uruguay. A fifth-straight win would be new territory for the men’s 15s senior national team.  

Only twice in history have the Eagles won four-in-a-row before. From April through June in 2003 the USA beat Spain twice and Canada and Japan once each before the streak ended against Argentina. From November, 2009 through November, 2010, they beat Uruguay twice and Russia and Portugal once each before the streak ended against Georgia.

Like in 2003, the fifth-straight game is against Argentina, though this match is an uncapped test since Saturday’s Americas Rugby Championship finale is against Argentina XV, essentially the nation’s third side. So the record for consecutive test wins can’t be claimed until the June tests.

So far, the only summer match announced is June 10 against Ireland in New Jersey. The Eagles are expected to host Georgia the following weekend, though that match isn’t confirmed. So unless a non-window test is slipped in before June, it would take an upset of Ireland to extend the streak, and winning that one would be famous for a lot more than a fifth-straight victory.

The offensive output of the Eagles in the ARC has also been impressive when compared to the USA’s history. In four games, the Eagles have amassed 188 points. In 2006, they piled on 205 in the same stretch. So it’s fair to characterize the current team as the second-most powerful in attack ever.

But maybe the biggest accomplishment on the table is a major tournament win. Over the years, the Eagles have participated in a number of competitions – Churchill Cup, Super Powers Cup, Pacific Nations Cup, Pacific Rim Championship, the Pan-American Championship, Toshiba Super Cup, etc. Never have they won one. With a victory Saturday, the Eagles can claim their first significant trophy in history.