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The High School All Americans are set to play Glenwood High School near Durban, South Africa.

It will be a sterner test than Tuesday’s fairly comfortable win over Kwazulu Natal Development, and captain and prop Henry Hall knows it.

“I’ve held a few players-only meetings with the forwards to talk about what we need to take care of,” Hall told “We need to be a lot better in several aspects of our game. I think the big issue is separation in support. When we’re running in support we need to be within an arm’s length at all times.”

Hall said KZN might have been a relatively overmatched side during Tuesday’s game, but the 71-0 drubbing was also a function of good play from the tourists.

“Our confidence was high,” said Hall, who will be taking a year off between high school and college to tutor in New Zealand and play rugby. “It was good for the team because it helped our morale. The experienced players know it’s going to be tough going forward, but winning like that helps the chemistry on the team.”

The players took a day off on Wednesday, taking in a short safari trip and also experiencing some Zulu culture, which Hall said was a thrill for the players.

Then it was back to work, with Thursday being the hardest day as Head Coach Salty Thompson worked to clean up some issues around the contact area.

“We did a lot of hard contact,” Hall said. “We really needed to pick it up and we did. We know we need to meet each contact area with equal or greater intensity. We’re here to win.”

Hall said winning isn’t the only thing for the team, but it’s a driving force.

“We know we can be beaten,” he said. “We can be beaten by skill and just experience with the game. But we’re going to come out of the game with respect. We’re going to be intense and play hard, and play to win. If we lose, we’re going to walk away without any regrets.”