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The USA 15s National Team Camp at Chula Vista has been hard work.

Players had an intense fitness test early and continue to work on various skill sets and unit tests.

“It has been demanding and fast paced but the guys have definitely stepped up and put in the work,” said hooker Phil Thiel.

Center/wing Tui Osborne, like Thiel a player with Life University in the Super League, also noted the intensity.

“The level of contact is similar to what we do with Life, but there I do think we a little more emphasis on offense,” Osborne told “I know in international rugby you have to work more on the defensive side of the game. Coach O’Sullivan is looking for mental toughness and physical toughness. I know I want to do better defensively; I want to do better with my recognition of what’s around me, recognizing the slide, and being better in contact. That’s my main goal for this camp.”

The players are expected to do everything up-tempo certainly there’s an air of competitiveness around the group.

“It’s been cool to see some new faces,” said Thiel. “The atmosphere is great. Guys have really been getting at it.”