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Samu Manoa's time with the Cardiff Blues has come to an end, as the club has granted the 33-year-old forward a compassionate release. Manoa signed with Cardiff in July, started the season late due to a lingering injury, played sparingly for the Blues, as well as the Eagles during the November tests, and has returned to his home in California. 

Manoa signed his first international contract with the Northampton Saints in 2011, straight out of the Super League, where he played with San Francisco Golden Gate. He became a fixture with the club, earning 73 caps before cashing in on a big deal with star-studded Toulon in France. His playing time waned over three years, and he left his contract a year early to join the Blues, making this the second time he's left a contract unfulfilled. 

He sprung onto the international scene in 2010, debuting against Georgia. He wouldn't pull on an Eagle jersey again for three more years, though, as he established himself with the Saints. So far, he's earned 22 caps with the USA. 

There's speculation on whether Manoa will end up signing in Major League Rugby, with several teams expressing interest.