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Magleby will be head of 7s player development, and will be working with current USA 7s team Head Coach Matt Hawkins to fill the pipeline for the next generation of 7s Eagles.

The appointment comes after a difficult adjustment period for Hawkins, who has much to do as Head Coach, including various administrative jobs. Hawkins has tried to scout new players and tried to bring new players into the Olympic Training Center, but that cannot be his main focus. Magleby, who worked to start an academy system when he was Eagles coach, will be the one worrying about what young players project to the national team.

Magleby’s job will also be financial, as it has become clear that there isn’t enough money to pay players a wage sufficient to support their families. So he will be looking at some ways to commercialize the program, also.
The move seems a good fit for Magleby, who stepped down from the Eagles job to spend more time with his family. He will be traveling a little for this new position, but nowhere near as much as is required by a coach of a team on the World Series circuit.
Magleby also has a strong reputation as a scout of college talent – he gave Madison Hughes his first taste of 7s and has won two CRCs as a coach - and crossover players – he was the one that brought Carlin Isles into the squad. Apparently equally at home among Ivy Leaguers and Tongans from Salt Lake City, football players, high-schoolers, and longtime club guys, Magleby is expected to cast the net wide for the 7s team.

And he will need to. The program has lost several players to new careers, overseas pro contracts, and just plain deciding to do something else. With the 15s World Cup on the horizon, some players may find themselves caught in the middle of 7s and 15s. In 2015, it’s expected the USA 7s team will be trying to qualify for the Olympics, while the 15s team will be (barring a surprise) playing in the Rugby World Cup from mid-September into mid-October.

For those two endeavors to be successful, the squads will likely have to be separate with only one or two exceptions.

Magleby will not be in charge of Hawkins. The two will work in tandem to help build the USA 7s team program. But it does seem an ideal relationship where Hawkins, who has much respect for Magleby, can perhaps use his former coach as a sounding board.