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Click the link below to see the head-to-head stats and preview info for USA v. Romania.

Additional notes: The USA has a chance to record one of its best tour records.

Only twice have the Eagles come back from a European tour with a non-losing record. In 1988 they split the tour 1-1, losing to the Soviet Union and beating Romania. In 1998 the Eagles beat Spain and Portugal.

The last time the USA won an overseas trip of any kind was in 2003, when they played in the Pan-Am series with Argentina, Canada, and Uruguay. On that trip the USA lost to Argentina 42-8, but beat Canada 35-20 (their greatest victory over the Maple Leafs) and Uruguay 31-17. 

Current USA players Todd Clever and Paul Emerick were on that trip, with Emerick scoring a try against Uruguay. Injured but still active USA player Mike MacDonald was also on that trip, with the team captained by Dan Lyle (Clever passes Lyle Saturday for 2nd on the list of most appearances as USA captain).

TVR in Romania will be broadcasting the USA v Romania game (9am ET, 6am PT Saturday), however it appears that TVR does not stream to anyone outside Romania. We are trying to find the right feed for readers, but that may well be something we know at the last minute.

There will almost certainly be a web-based replay.

For more on the USA v. Romania stats and info, click here.