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USA Head Coach Eddie O’Sullivan read’s article about Kevin Swiryn, and the wing’s very frank assessment of his play in the Churchill Cup.

Swiryn was certainly below form, and O’Sullivan gave the former St. Mary’s All American much kudos for being honest.

“I give a ton of credit to Kevin for what he said and how he assessed himself,” O’Sullivan told “He’s a good player, but the last few weeks have been tough for him. I am not sure mentally he was in the best position to play his best. He feels he has something to prove, and I know he does have something to prove. But at the end of the day I’m not worried about him.”

In his interview with, Swiryn said he was embarrassed by his play against Tonga and Russia, and felt he was, rightfully, in jeopardy of losing his place on the World Cup squad.