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The off-site residency program has seen some transition, as Tai Enosa, Perry Baker and Pila Taufa have accepted contracts to train at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, Calif. Maka Unufe has also rejoined the setup. He was brought back in June by Matt Hawkins, and that transaction flew under the radar. 

Pono Haitsuka, Pat Blair and Ryan Matyas were not re-signed, clearing the way for Enosa, Baker and Taufa to become residents. Taufa and Enosa have been there before, while this is Baker's first go-round at the OTC. Stephen Tomasin and Chris Turori remain in the setup as locals, and Andy Locke, Nu'u Punimata, Ben Leatigaga, Cameron Freeman, Eric Duechle and Will Holder as members of the military's World Class Athlete Program. Marcus Satavu is no longer active in the Air Force, and therefore no longer in the WCAP. 

There is room for 15 players in the off-site residency program (called that because players don't live in the dorms on the OTC campus, but train there daily), but currently only 13 are contracted: Garrett Bender, Danny Barrett, Mike Ziegler, Nick Edwards, Andrew Durutalo, Nese Malifa, Tai Enosa, Mike Te'o, Zack Test, Maka Unufe, Pila Taufa, Carlin Isles and Perry Baker. Those players are contracted through the year.

Conceivably two more players could be inked to residency contracts. Folau Niua, who is currently playing in Sri Lanka, could garner one upon his return. John Cullen, who excited the coaching staff at the most recent high performance camp in Chula Vista, could be in line for one after he finishes playing in World Club 7s and Club 7s Nationals with Seattle. Perhaps Colin Hawley might be in the mix, too. 

Altogether, with the WCAP and local players, there are 21 training at the OTC in one capacity or another:

Garrett BenderForwardOff-site residency
Danny BarrettForwardOff-site residency
Mike ZieglerForwardOff-site residency
Nick EdwardsForwardOff-site residency
Andrew DurutaloForwardOff-site residency
Nese MalifaHalfbackOff-site residency
Tai EnosaHalfbackOff-site residency
Mike Te'oHalfbackOff-site residency
Zack TestCenterOff-site residency
Maka UnufeCenterOff-site residency
Pila TaufaCenterOff-site residency
Carlin IslesWingOff-site residency
Perry BakerWingOff-site residency
Stephen TomasinForwardLocal
Chris TuroriForwardLocal
Eric DuechleForwardWCAP
Cameron FreemanForwardWCAP
Nu'u PunimataForwardWCAP
Will HolderHalfbackWCAP
Andy LockeHalfbackWCAP
Ben LeatigagaCenterWCAP


Not that I understand 7's on any level whatsoever, but I really enjoyed watching Pono Haitsuka play.
I am obviously biased, but it is sad to see Pono Haitsuka cut loose. He was a solid defender and had good speed. If there was one area he needed to improve it was was his creativity with ball in hand, however, that could have been do to playing a pattern they had in place. Oh well, I can take solace in knowing that guys have been given a second (or third) chance to have a crack at the team. Hopefully Pono will get on with one of the development teams.