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The search for a backup flyhalf for the Eagles moves on and the search seems to have been complicated in recent weeks.

Ata Malifa is healthy and had hoped to show off his skills for Glendale this weekend (the Denver Barbarians couldn’t play the match). Meanwhile Troy Hall is injured, but word is that even though he hasn’t been playing a lot of flyhalf, and even though he is injured, he is still in the race and could well be invited to the upcoming domestic player camp in May.

Tai Enosa was moved to center at his club Belmont Shore, giving him some more room to run, and perhaps taking a little pressure off the young player.

Perhaps the front-runner to back up Nese Malifa is Volney Rouse. Rouse did not play well enough at the Americas Rugby Championship to make the USA squad on the subsequent tour of Europe, and chagrined, he returned to SFGG to work on his game.

Specifically, he needed to make his kicking more consistent and improve his defense.

“I hope I can still get involved,” Rouse said earlier this season. “I am trying to work on my game management, keeping the game composed. That was the big change in going from 13 to 10. I needed to get some other things back up to par.”

Rouse’s kicking from the hand helped take apart the Denver Barbarians and his kicking from hand and tee were very strong against Utah this past weekend. His defense has been hard for National Team coaches to gauge because opposing teams have not tested him. But the SFGG points-scoring totals indicate something good about Rouse’s offensive contributions, and certainly the number of tries his backs are scoring doesn’t reflect poorly on the former St. Mary’s All American.