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Scotland Team 1871

(This week’s USA Eagles Test match is against visiting Scotland on Saturday, June 7, in Houston. We examine the history and stats of this great rugby-playing nation.)

Union: Scotland is the second oldest rugby union, founded in 1873.

First International: In 1871, Scotland challenged England to a match played on the cricket grounds of Raeburn Place, Edinburgh. England suited up in white jerseys sporting a red rose while Scotland wore blue shirts and white cricket flannels. The Scots won 4-1 (One goal and one try to one try).

World Ranking: 10th       Stadium: Murryfield. Capacity 67,144        Clubs: 241

Coach: Vern Cotter from New Zealand. Former coach of France’s ASM Clermont Auverge.

Calcutta Cup:  The annual game between Scotland and England decides the winner of the famous silver trophy called the Calcutta Cup, first awarded in 1879. The trophy resides in permanent display at the Rugby Museum, Twickenham.

Matches Played: 121, England wins 68, Scotland 39, and 4 draws.

Stats: Home, Five & Six Nations Championships:

Wins = 14

Grand Slams (Win all games) = 3

Triple Crown (Win vs. England, Wales, & Ireland) = 10

Wooden Spoon (Last place) = 32

World Cup Finishes: Played in all seven RWCs. One Semi-Final (1991) losing to Wales for Fourth Place. Five quarter final finishes, and one no advancement out of the Pool.

Famous Player: Gavin Hastings (Cambridge) 61 caps, 20 as captain. British Lions, 6 caps

International Records: (Selected)   

Opponent Played Wins Losses DrawsPlayedWinsLossDraw
Wales 11948683
New Zealand 29 0290270
South Africa245190