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The USA Domestic Camp finished off with a scrimmage Sunday between the USA players and Life University.

The unofficial score was somewhere in the neighborhood of 46-20 in favor of the domestic Eagles, but it was much closer in the first 40 minutes.

Not surprisingly, the Life team was more together and more polished as a unit. As the USA campers go into the swing of things, they began to open up the game.

And in case you are thinking that the players took it easy on each other because this was just a practice game, don't The Life players had plenty to prove on their side, and the USA hopefuls were the same. This was a pretty physical clash.

Several players for Life were also under the scrutiny of USA Head Coach Mike Tolkin, including Shaun Davies, who was in the USA camp but started for his club side in the scrimmage, as well as flyhalf AJ McGinty, who becomes USA eligible in 2015.