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The Eagles fielded a team that was as close to their best 15 in camp as possible. Then Head Coach Mike Tolkin mixed in his extra forwards with some players from Old Blue and Boston brought in especially for the opportunity.

A couple of those players (Anthony Purpura, for example) might have looked at the game as a chance to remind Tolkin of what they can do.

The game was kept on the Q-T because the Eagles didn’t want opposition teams to scout them. But it was a good look at how the players respond in game situations. Tolkin has wanted more development game opportunities, so he manufactured one.

Coming out of camp there are a few notables. Scott LaValla has looked very good and capable of covering positions 4-8. In addition, Shaun Davies had played well in camp and could be pushing for a place as the backup scrumhalf. And Will Holder has been a revelation. Despite being an All American and clearly a top play in D1-A, Holder hadn’t proved himself at the senior international level.

He still has work to do, but showed very well in camp, and with the unfortunate injury to Toby L’Estrange in the Super League final, could well have claimed a spot in the Eagles team.