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The tour is almost over, but the toughest part is just beginning.

Georgia showed everyone they mean business Saturday by beating Canada 22-15. They want to beat the USA, too. The Eagles, who have endured a difficult tour affected by rough weather, unsympathetic referees, and plenty of travel.

But a somewhat pleasant surprise awaited the Americans in Tbilisi, where the entire setup - food, hotel, and training facility - are excellent. And even the weather is cooperating. The sun has made an appearance and forcast calls for temperatures in the 50s or higher with some sun and a few clouds ... and almost no wind.

For a team that has had to deal with lots of winds and rain and cold, it's a welcome respite.

But that doesn't mean it will all be hospitable. Organizers expect 30,000 fans for Saturday's test match.

"This game will be as tough a test as the Eagles have played for some time," wanred USA Head Coach Eddie O'Sullivan. "Georgia are pretty fired up after their victory over Canada. They are predicting 30,000 supporters at the game on Saturday so it will be a pretty hostile environment for the Eagles."

O'Sullivan studied Georgia's win over Canada.

"Georgia put huge pressure on Canada at the scrum last week and disrupted the Canadian lineout considerably," explained the coach. "They pressurized Canada into a number of uncharacteristic errors and capitalized on them. No doubt they will target doing the same against the Eagles. They will also be very aggressive and physical in contact so we are expecting a huge physical challenge."

Georgia got away with a few things, too (see here for video), and it will be just as important for the USA to win the battle of whistles as well as the physical battle.