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Saturday's test match between the USA and Georgia will carry all sorts of importance - the winner gets to jump up in the IRB rankings; the USA will want to finish the tour with a sweep in their tests, while Georgia wants to sweep the North American teams - but in the end it's just a game the players have to get ready for.

Georgia benefitted from some fairly attrocious referee decisions to beat Canada, but they also benefitted from some outstanding play on their part.

Fullback Chris Wyles, who remembers playing Georgia in 2009, knows what to expect.

"We know that they will be a physical team so its just a case of fronting up and bringing our own physicality," Wyles told, adding that you can't predict the outcome based on the USA's 31-13 win 17 months ago. "The 2009 game was different in the sense that they didn't have all their professional players at their disposal and we were in the comfortable surroundings of Denver."

Wyles will be active in the game certainly because Georgia is likely to want to kick and pressure the Eagles into mistakes. The Lelos would like nothing better than to boot the ball downfield, force the Eagles into a knock-on, and then punish them with a scrum.

If the Eagles make such mistakes, Wyles said, they need to make sure they are made in the right part of the field.

"A key aspect of this game will be winning the territory game," he said.

The buildup for the Eagles has been successful. "The players feel good. We have had a great training week and we all know this is a big game in terms of our preparation moving forward," said Wyles.

But forget about the bigger implications. All the USA needs to do is execute and stand tough, and they win the rugby game.

Note: Georgia is called the Lelos, a word that refers to a longstanding Georgian sport that is somewhat like rugby.