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In another close match, the USA U20s defeated Uruguay Saturday 26-25 to take third place in the Junior World Rugby Trophy.

The Junior Eagles scored a try in the first four minutes, but were unable to score any more in an intensely physical encounter. Instead, they pinned their hopes on the goalkicking of flyhalf Ben Cima.

Under enormous pressure, Cima kicked seven penalty goals, and missed four other attempts (as well as the one conversion attempt), and that was enough.

Wing Scott Dean scored the USA's lone try and two minutes later Cima added a penalty for an 8-0 USA lead. Cima added two more kicks before Uruguay got on the board - Manual Blengio's penalty made it 14-3 USA.

With the first half winding down,Cima slotted two more, but Uruguay scored the first of four tries just before the break to make it 20-8.

Uruguay continued to peck away and scored twice in the first 15 minutes of the second half. Blengio converted one, and the game was tied 20-20.

Cima missed a penalty attempt soon thereafter, but put the USA ahead at 66 minutes 23-20.

As the game drew to a close once again the USA pressured, and once again Uruguay were penalized. Captain Ollie Drew opted for posts once more, and Cima hit the kick to put his side up 26-20 - a converted try would give Uruguay the lead.

They got the try - center Rodrigo Bocking going over with four minutes left - but Blengio could not get the conversion over.

Cima had two more attempts at goal, and while they missed, they served as least to pin Uruguay back in their end, and the game ended 26-25 for the USA.

Uruguay committed penalties throughout the match, and were given four yellow cards - all in the second half. But three of them came in the final two minutes. Uruguay ended the game down to 12 players.

Japan beat Tonga 35-10 to take 1st place, while Georgia beat Namibia 46-17 to take 5th. Canada secured 7th with a 33-30 defeat of Hong Kong.

USA 26
Tries: Dean
Pens: Cima 7

Uruguay 25
Tries: Dotti, Ardao, Pena, Bocking
Convs: Blengio
Pens: Blengio

USA U20s to face Uruguay
1. Titi Lamositele
2. Codi Jones
3. Benjamin Tarr
4. Max Robertson
5. Oliver Drew (C)
6. Christian Weissing
7. Ben Pinkelman
8. Peter Malcolm
9. Erik Thompson
10. Ben Cima
11. Seth Halliman
12. Gabe Farley
13. Nemia Qoro
14. Scott Dean
15. Niall Barry

16. Marshall Godfrey
17. Val Lee-Lo
18. Zach Bonte
19. Vili Toluta'u
20. Mike Reid
21. David Todd
22. Connor Wallace-Sims

1. Facundo Gattas
2. Claudio Pena
3. Luis Leites
4. Gonzalo Soto
5. Ignacio Dotti
6. Emiliano Correa
7. Phil Johnson
8. Tomas Grundwalt
9. Baltasar Brum
10. Manuel Blengio
11. Andres Banchieri
12. Rodrigo Bocking
13. Pedro Deal
14. Santiago Carrasco
15. Matias Pla (C)

16. German Kessler
17. Rafael Mones
18. Diego Larrauri
19. Diego Arbelo
20. Manuel Castro
21. Diego Ardao
22. Facundo Klappenbach