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USA forward Matt Hawkins has seen the team go up and down before, and has said repeatedly that consistency makes winners.

Consistency, said the veteran of over 20 IRB tournaments, leads to winning.

The Eagles can get there by clinging to the positive moments and trying to repeat them.

“I think the squad is pretty confident going in to this weekend,” Hawkins told. “We have had a little more time together and that always help us, so hopefully we will pull together and get to the quarters as we did last year here.”

Getting to the quarters will mean the USA will have to beat Portugal, always tough, and either New Zealand or South Africa. The Eagles have beaten Portugal before, but never the other two.

“It is a little tougher [pool] than usual, but I think this year is going to be a testing year for us as the lower ranked teams are looking to push to become full time core teams and the higher-ranked teams are looking to set their dominance,” said Hawkins. “We are trying to find where we sit and claim our spot on the world stage. I think we really have the opportunity to take South Africa on and beat them for the first time, we just can't afford to make mistakes and our experienced players really need to step up and be counted as a group, not individuals.  I believe we'll do it.”