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The USA Selects rode a dominant second half to beat the Glendale Raptors 58-10 Wednesday night in a World Cup warmup.

The USA Selects team was mostly made up of players itching for playing time and hoping to break into the World Cup squad. They were captained by Scott LaValla, who missed last week's Canada test due to personal reasons.

The talented Glendale side battled hard early and the teams changed ends with the USA Selects 19-10 up.

But in the second half, scrumhalf Robbie Shaw punished Glendale repeatedly with his high box kicks. The kicking game tested the Glendale deep three, forced a few knock-ons, and pinned the Raptors in their half for most of the second half.

The Selects ran in 39 unanswered points before a vocal crowd at Infinity Park.