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The French national women's team showed how they might be thinking big, big honors on a couple of years, as Les Bleus defeated the USA 27-3 Saturday at Stade de France just outside Paris.

The USA had multiple scoring chances, especially int he second half, but could not get it over the line. More to come ...

FRANCE : Parra – Guiglion, Godiveau, Metier, Grassineau, Bailon,, Yahé (cap) – N’Diaye, Diallo – Koïta, De Nadaï – Chobet, Salles, Ezanno 
Reserves : Mignot, Vernhet, Portaries, Rabier, André, Heguy, Trémoulière, Camoin 

USA : Rozier - Moreno, Bizer, Daniels, Kmiecik, Anderson, White - Daley, Kugler, Turley - Blaney, Bridges - Burke (cap), Wagner, Chobot

Reserves : Augustyn, Reddick, Wilson, Miesner, Denham, Lui, Stolba, Griffith