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The USA Women's 7s team has won the Women's International 7s Invitational in Guangzhou, China after wading impressively through the second day of competition.

The Eagles were 3-0 on Day One, but all that did was re-seed the eight teams for the knockout rounds on Sunday.

That pitted the USA against Thailand in the quarterfinals, won easily by the Americans 45-0.

The shock result in that round was with China. China's 2nd team upset China's 1sts 10-7.

In the semis, the USA took on a tough, physical Kazakhstan team, and won going away 33-7. Meanwhile South Africa beat China II 29-7 to set up the final.

In the final, the Americans were clinical, scoring twice to lead 12-0 at halftime and twice more to clinch the tournament 24-0.

Kazakhstan took third 12-0 over China II, China won 5th 62-0 over the Philippines, and Thailand beat Singapore 26-5 for 7th.

In the final, the USA opened their account deep into the first half when Bui Baravilala exploited a small gap after a scrum and touched down under the posts. She converted for a 7-0 lead, and then with the first half almost up, the Eagles twisted the knife.

Jillion Potter galloped down the sideline. She lost the ball in the tackle, but the USA was faster to the breakdown, turned the ball over again, and Deven Owsiany raced in for the 12-0 lead.

In the second half, South Africa showed their athleticism, but a very fit USA team was up to the task in making the key tackles.

That dedication to the task forced a penalty on their own five-meter line. The Americans quickly turned the tables on South Africa, sent Kelly Griffin upfield, and after another penalty Katie Dowty surged up the middle for a backbreaker.

Baravilala hit the conversion to make it 19-0.

South Africa pressed but the American defense was there, and some storng counterrucking forced a turnover for the Eagles which led to a try. The Eagles tested South Africa up the middle then spun the ball wide to Lauren Doyle.

The Americans almost scored once more, but they didn't need to. They won the tournament impressively, with their defense leading the way as they gave up only two tries, one to China and one to Kazakhstan, in six games.

Offensively, the Eagles scored 249 points, good for more than 41 per game.