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Head Coach Richie Walker has named his side to take the field at the USA Sevens this weekend, and it's packed with firepower and experience, as well as some youth, too. 

Set to make their debuts in Las Vegas are Kelsi Stockert and Nicole Snyder. Stockert has been called up in 15s, but not 7s until now. She's a stalwart for the Seattle Saracens, and Snyder is a standout from Bloomsburg making her first international appearance.

The leadership on the team is largely accounted for by captain Alev Kelter and former captain Kelly Griffin. Kelter is making her third appearance in as many tournaments this season, while Griffin is making her second in a row after missing Dubai.

The firepower is condensed in Naya Tapper and Kristen Thomas. Tapper has been the talk of the Series so far, scoring nine tries to lead the USA. She is complimented by Thomas, who is making her second appearance after recovering from the broken leg which kept her out of the Olympics. 

Accompanying the Eagles in Las Vegas will be the Falcons, playing in the Las Vegas Invitational. The Falcons, coached by Andy Locke, include several young up-and-comers, including Asinate Serevi, the daughter of Waisale Serevi. She's been on the radar for the last couple of years, but this marks the closest she's come to the actual Series. 

Women's Eagles Sevens | HSBC USA Sevens 
1. Cheta Emba 
2. Kelly Griffin 
3. Kate Zackary 
4. Nicole Heavirland 
5. Ryan Carlyle 
6. Alev Kelter (C) 
7. Naya Tapper 
8. Kelsi Stockert 
9. Joanne Fa'avesi 
10. Bulou Mataitoga 
11. Kristen Thomas 
12. Nicole Snyder

Women's Eagles Sevens | Traveling Reserves 
Cassidy Bargell 
Sarah Buonopane 
Megan Foster 
Samantha Pankey 
Nicole Strasko

USA Women's Falcons | Las Vegas Invitational 
Cassidy Bargell 
Tia Blythe 
Sylvia Braaten 
Sarah Buonopane 
Jennine Duncan 
Megan Foster 
Alena Olsen 
Samantha Pankey 
Ashley Perry 
Asinate Serevi 
Nicole Strasko 
Jessica Warner

Women's Eagles Sevens | HSBC USA Sevens 
v. Ireland - Friday, March 3 @ 11:17 a.m. ET 
v. Spain - Friday, March 3 @ 2:02 p.m. ET 
v. Fiji - Friday, March 3 @ 4:47 p.m. ET