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Youth Olympic Village

The Rugby 7s Youth Olympians are settled into the Youth Olympic Village in Nanjing, China. Today marks the first day of training in prepration for the games starting later this week.

Below are the full rosters and the coaching staff for both the Girl's and Boy's teams.

Head CoachBen Gollings
Team LeaderSalty Thompson
BoysHeightWeightDate of BirthHometown
Cian Barry5'8"1515/23/96Point Lookout, New York
Hanco Germishuys6'1"2158/24/96Omaha, Nebraska
Brian Hannon5'10"1809/27/96Indanapolis, Indiana
Junior Helu6'20012/19/96Union City, California
Vili Helu6'4"2333/20/96San Ramon, California
Sione Masoe6'1853/12/96Garden Grove, California
Aaron Matthews5'9"1853/12/97Irvine, California
Malcolm May6'1"2153/24/96Chicago, Illinois
Suwaiter Poch6'2257/21/96Hilo, Hawaii
Tyler Sousley5'11"190 2/27/1996Osceola, Indiana
Austin Taefu5'7"16112/12/96Phoenix, Arizona
Jojo Tikoisuva5'11"1763/1/96Sacramento, California
Head CoachRichie Walker
Team LeaderKelly Cavalier
GirlsHeight Weight Date of BirthHometown
Tess Feury5'6"1403/15/96Denville, New Jersey
Haley Langan6'1656/22/96South Burlington, Vermont
Appau Mailau5'7"16210/17/96Salt Lake City, Utah
Michel Navarro5'5"1473/13/97Fallbrook, California
Dana Olsen5'3"1282/2/96Fort Collins, Colorado
Tiffany Person5'8"1359/20/96Alexandria, Virginia
Emily Prentice5'7"1358/21/97Kent, Washington
Kat Ramage5'4"1463/4/97Ledgewood, New Jersey
Becca Jane Rosko5'3"11711/22/97Dillon, Colorado
Richelle Stephens5'7"1357/22/96Fallbrook, California
Danielle Walko-Siua5'1255/17/96Hilo, Hawaii
Whitney Wilson5'4"12711/13/96Kingwood, Texas