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The new path to the High School and High School Club National Championships has started.

Boys and Girls teams that want to gain an invitation to the National Championships in May (May 12-13 at Stanford for the girls, and May 19-20 in Salt Lake City for the boys) must fill out an application form.

That form, along with $50, gets you on the list for the High School National Championships Committee. That Committee then will examine the applications to populate the three National Championships: Boys High School, Boys High School Club, and Girls High School Club.

The Committee agreed early on that long-term success on the field, combined with strong organizational and administrative abilities, are the main criteria through which the clubs will be judged. Clubs who are invited will be expected to put forth a $1,500 deposit, which will go toward their National Championship expenses. (Clarification - what that means is, that money would be used for a team's expenses at the National Championships e.g. hotel rooms, once the team arrives to participate.)

Chairman – Mike Tolkin
USA Rugby Rep – Kurt Weaver
Press Rep – Alex Goff, RugbyMag
USA National Girls – Bryn Chivers
USA National Boys – Salty Thompson
Girls Coach – Marin Pinnell, Fallbrook
Girls Coach – John Klein, Divine Savior
Girls Coach – Brad Rockwood, West Carroll
Boys Coach – Lee Kelly, Gonzaga (Single School)
Boys Coach – Bart Bottorff, Penn (Single School)
Boys Coach – Stephen Edwards, Union County (Multi School)

The window to apply is December 15 through January 16. To apply, click on this link: