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NJ moves the ball against Virginia

In cooperation with USA Rugby and the Pittsburg Harlequins, The Potomac Rugby Foundation hosted the 10th Annual Challenge Cup Regional All Star Tournament last weekend at Founders Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. High School All-American scouts were in attendance looking for talent to invite to their upcoming High Performance Camps. Here are the results by division from the weekend.

Varsity Boys

The participating teams were New York West (New York State), Indiana, New Jersey, Maryland, Empire City (New York City), Florida, Illinois, Virginia 1, Virginia 2, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Florida looked very strong over the weekend, winning their first match with ease Saturday 34-7 over Empire City. Later that afternoon they won a 9-7 defensive battle against a strong Illinois side. On Sunday, Florida defeated Indiana 19-17 to become the 2014 Challenge Cup Champions.

Most Valuable Players (Voted By Coaches):

New York Wet: Casey Morgan (8)

Indiana: Noah Schrader (6)

New Jersey: Terre Hellander (6)

Maryland: Robbie Happy (4)

Empire City: Christian Artuso (10)

Florida Juice: Mitchell Wilson (10)

Illinois: Andy Fraczek (7)

Virginia 1: Reis Sheckels (8)

Virginia 2: Larry Walker (6)

Pennsylvania: Ryan McGuire (10)

Ohio: Ryan Bradfield (13)

Varsity Girls

The participating teams were Pennsylvania, Indiana, Virginia, Empire City (New York City and New Jersey Combined), Maryland, New York West, Ohio 1 and Ohio 2. Virginia and Empire City battled out a close match in the final. Virginia came out victorious by a score of 6-0 after two successful penalty kicks.

Most Valuable Players (Voted By Coaches):

Indiana: Tahya Bruce (7)

Pennsylvania: Joie Krahling (7)

Virginia: Dana Briosis (5)

Empire City: Tess Feury (10)

Maryland: Tiffany Buckley (7)

New York West: Courtney Sullivan (15/7)

Ohio 1: Caitlin Weigel (13)

Ohio 2: Bailey Lunsford (10)

Junior Varsity Boys

The participating teams were Indiana, Virginia, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York West and Pennsylvania. Virginia brought home the championship.

Most Valuable Players (Voted By Coaches):

Indiana: Cedric Vakalahi (13)

Virginia: Marshall Wilson (6)

Florida: Zach Dietz (2)

Illinois: Spencer Krueger (1/8)

Maryland: James Lyons (10)

New Jersey: Brendan Cunningham (8)

New York West: Mike Controne (4/8)

Pennsylvania: Tyler Worthing (6)

Middle School Boys

The participating teams were Indiana, New York West, North Carolina and Virginia. After scoring an impressive 85 points between their two games on Saturday, Indiana continued their dominance on Sunday to secure the championship.

Most Valuable Players (Voted By Coaches):

Indiana: Nathan Froelich (12)

New York West: John Minogue (10)

North Carolina: Mason Middleton (8)

Virginia: Franco Camaca (9)