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The College Recruitment Combine Program (CRCP) is partnering with Serevi Rugby and the USA 7s CRC to hold a one-day combine June 1 at PPL Park in Chester, Pa. during the CRC.

The Combine will being 11am, with pre-registration for walk-ups starting at 10:30am.

High School players will be run through a series of drills and athletic tests, under the watchful eye of college coaches looking for talent.

For more go here. checked in with Ray Peterson, who started the CRCP Program in 2011 and continues to run it now that he has partnered with Serevi.

RUGBYMag: What’s different in the Rugby Recruiting combines now?

Peterson: The primary change has been replacing stopwatch timing in the three sprints and agility drills to Witty System electronic timing. It’s accurate and efficient, and used at every Olympic Training Center.

RUGBYMag: How does a player get involved?

Peterson: Players register online or walk up on the day. A $10 surcharge for walkups, so online pre registration is best for all. Teams (defined as 15 or more from the same school) can pay $250 and include every player on their team.

RUGBYMag: How can a coach or college team get involved?

Peterson: Online subscription allows a coach to look at every player who has run a combine. Included are physical stats, rugby experience, 9 drill results and also GPA, SAT/ACT scores, email and phone contact info for coaches to initiate recruitment of players of interest to them.

RUGBYMag: Should HS coaches get their entire teams to attend?

Peterson: Absolutely. This is the only nationwide exposure any high school players have for recruiting purposes. The Program is only a year old and some uninformed and unrealistic high school coaches get upset that their kids didn't get recruited. The reality is kids will begin getting recruited with far more frequency once the high school coaches get behind this program by ensuring their entire teams participate. Very few college coaches know who is playing the sport outside their geographic area. This Program lets them see athletes from across the country.

RUGBYMag: What should players be prepared to do?

Peterson: The Combine drills are standardized. The difference, which we note, is whether it is indoors or outdoors. Players run through 9 drills testing speed, agility, ball throwing accuracy, vertical jump and catching reaction. They and their parents then have opportunities to speak directly to college coaches and Admissions personnel about specific schools and rugby programs. They find out about Admissions support for rugby players and any financial aid for rugby players.

RUGBYMag: What’s your schedule look like?

Peterson: After the CRC in Philadelphia, we will be conducting Programs in Salt Lake City, Boston, Miami, South Bend, Baltimore and Richmond.