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Fallbrook repeated as Southern California High School Champions on Super Sunday, shutting out Cathedral 34-0 in the final. Leading Fallbrook were captains Gabriel Edwards at No. 8 and Jarred Moore at inside center, but the win was a true team effort.

“We finally played to our strengths. We crashed the ball when we needed to and we spun it out when we needed it,” said Fallbrook head coach Mike Majewski.

“Like a lot of new rugby clubs, it’s easy to crash the ball and we do that very well, but spinning it out to our backs, we have a lot of success out there. Our backs were a lot smaller than their backs but a lot faster, and we made some good decisions today, too.”

Though the score was lopsided, Majewski says Cathedral was a very good team and his boys just rose to a formidable challenge and played their best game of the season.

“Cathedral was tough. They’re very structured and they look like a rugby team out there 100-percent of the time. They’re very seldom out of position and good scrums, good backline, and good defensive lines. We just outmatched them today, but it was good for our boys to play against a team that was very structured. We couldn’t just overpower them with football skills, they had to pool all their rugby skills from all of their years playing together.”

That’s one of the unique things about Fallbrook; many of their kids have been playing together since before high school.

“These boys have been winning championships since they were back at Potter Jr. High School,” said Majewski.

“A lot of them started playing when they were in eighth grade, and they won the U14 championships, they won the U16 championships, but to win a high school championship on your home field in front of 300-400 fans in the stands, that was real special for our boys, and I’m real happy for them that they got to have that experience.”

With the win, Fallbrook lays claim to the fifth seed at HS Nationals later this spring and will represent SoCal in a possible state championship match against the eventual NorCal winner.