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After another successful season and a NorCal championship, Jesuit High School continues to be one of the dominant high school programs in the country.

 Despite not being able to actively recruit, Jesuit has been putting up a formidable squad for years.

 “We do not offer any scholarships and players are not admitted on their athletic skill. They are admitted on academics and have to be the type of person that fits the school,” said head Coach Fred Khasigian.

 It is this type of system that actually fuels much of Jesuit’s success. Following the motto “a man for other,” Jesuit athletes really build a sense of camaraderie and selflessness.

 “We don’t really have any great athletes per say but our Catholic school principles teach the boys to be cooperative and team players. The Jesuit ties make them play harder and have more determination,” Khasigian added.

 This spirit pushes the Jesuit coaching staff to always be looking to make its athletes better.  Scouring the Internet for new ideas and new techniques, they are not afraid to try something new.

“While not everything works, we are always finding new ways to improve our players. Jesuit prides itself on having great ball handling skills and great decision making skills.”

 These are skills that they continuously develop through their time at Jesuit and can be used on any of the Jesuit teams.

 “All players play the same style of play from freshman year, from top to bottom. Skills that are developed as freshman are useful as seniors because of the continuity we build.”

Developing skills at a younger age are key in creating quality rugby players. The Sacramento area has introduced a new youth rugby program for 6th 7th and 8th graders.

 “All teams in the Sacramento area are benefiting from this. The kids are learning the basic skills and laws earlier, making the first few weeks of practice much easier for schools like Jesuit.”

Expect Jesuit and other NorCal school to continue to get better over the coming years.