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The Kansas City Junior Blues HS team pulled off a big result less than a week after their opponents did the same.

KC traveled to Colorado for a short weekend tour, taking on Glendale and Colorado Springs. They beat both, downing Glendale 23-15 and Colorado Springs 38-21.

“We learned a long time ago that we need to travel to get tough competition,” said KC Head Coach Ed Cummings. “This was a good trip. Both teams were tough, and well-coached.”

The game against Colorado Springs was almost not held due to wintry weather, and there were snow flurries during the game. The conditions probably played into KC’s hands, as they used their hard-bitten forward pack to dominate possession.

“Colorado Springs has an excellent backline and we concentrated on not letting them get the ball.”

No. 8 Caleb Concannon was named player of the game against Springs, and was a handful with the abll in hand, while flanker Will Ben Sims and wing Brian Dierks also played well.

“We feel we’re starting to peak,” said Cummings. “The guys are getting into the system and playing really well. We had one early hiccup when we were still learning the system but they’re getting it now.”

Cummings said the big difference between this year’s team and the Junior Blues teams of previous years is the makeup of his pack.

“We have a pack of all flankers,” he said. “We usually have some big guys, but not necessarily the mobility. This pack can get around the field really well.”

Next up for the Junior Blues is another turn with their favorite rivals, St. Thomas Aquinas.