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The Southern California Boys High School leagues have taken an interesting step to instill a little logic and clarity into how they differentiate their single-school teams.

Teams are playing under three single-school designations. Blue is for newer teams, and small teams either just starting out or struggling to win games. Rather than follow a set series of criteria, the league goes on a case-by-case basis in judging whether a team should be blue.

Red is for teams that draw 100% of their players from one school, and are under the direction of the school's athletic director. They have to adhere to state academic standards (many schools actually have tougher standard when it comes to minimum grade point averages for athletes).

This weekend, Cathedral plays View Park Prep in the final of the Red.

The Varsity White is for teams that identify themselves from a single school, but have some kids from other schools on their roster. To be a Varsity White team, rather than a Club team, you have to field 80% of your players from one school. An additional caveat to that rule provides a nice ring of common sense in the plan, with homeschooled students counting as part of that 80% (so a White team with a game day squad of 22 that has 15 kids from School A, four kids from Schools B and C, and three kids who are homeschooled, would be legal to play).

This plan is part of Southern California Youth Rugby's desire to move high school rugby to single-school status. It doesn't help in rankings, as a Varsity White team really qualifiers as a multi-school team, but are playing as single-school teams. What RUGBYMag has opted to do is remove the Varsity White teams from the rankings for now, and instead rank the club teams associated with those top schools.