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High School and U19 teams have less than two weeks to apply for a spot in the new National High School and National High School Club Championships Invitationals.

Boys and Girls teams that want to gain an invitation to the National Championships in May (May 12-13 at Stanford for the girls, and May 19-20 in Salt Lake City for the boys) must fill out an application form.

Teams have until January 15 to apply.

Go here for the application former:

Here's how the process works:
1. Fill out the form and send a $50 processing fee to the 
High School National Championships Committee.

2. In the form, you have to demonstrate competitive and organizational strength and longevity.

3. If your team is invited, you will be asked to produce a deposit of $1,500 to confirm. When you show up to play, that $1,500 will be used to offset your team's expenses (such as your hotel bill).

If you have confirmed and you don't show up, you don't get your $1,500 back.

4. HS Boys, HS Club Boys, and HS Club Girls brackets will all be held.

What this plan is designed to do, is eliminate the problems leagues have in scheduling local competitions, while accommodating National Championship qualification.

Leagues don't have to end at mid-April now. Teams don't have to travel to territorial playoffs. The teams can instead point to their past success, the likelihood of future success, and their ability to meet their commitments, to get to the national tournament.

The High School National Championships Committee urges teams to apply as soon as possible to be considered.