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January 1975 - First Issue

In January 1975, A. Jon Prusmack brought out Scrumdown magazine about rugby in the United States. The initial publication only totaled eight pages, but it set the style for future editions, combining international news, results in America from both coasts, instruction, club lists, and a dash of national rugby history.

Inside were insert pictures of UCLA’s tour to England, Old Blue winning the New York Metropolitan League Championship, and the New York City’s Over Thirties’ Scandinavian visit.

Prusmack wrote a “From The Publisher” column:

“This is the first issue of Scrumdown in newspaper format. Several years ago, I published Scrumdown as a magazine. Three beautiful issues were published in 1967 and 1968….Since then, rugby has had meteoric growth…It’s our game, and your newspaper.”

The goal in 1975 was to put out eight issues for $5.00 subscription.  Waiting in the wings later that year, were Ed Hagerty who would assume the chief editorial position, and the renaming to Rugby Magazine.

Rugby Today – a continuation Scrumdown and Rugby Magazine - will celebrate the 40th anniversary in 2015  of its founding publications with selected highlights from past issues.