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It was an excellent idea whose time had come; to organize the first national rugby coaching school offered in the United States. The concept originated with Gene Roberts USARFU Director in the Western RFU.

Roberts prevailed upon the Athletic Director of Kansas State University to host the conference.  Four days were chosen in late July from Thursday to Sunday and the word went out to American coaches and would be coaches, announcing the event. The response was overwhelmingly positive when 151 people signed on to attend the sessions in Lawrence, Kansas. Roberts was assisted by Rick Renfro and Louis Reiderer from the Kansas State RFU.

The intensive program included laws, fitness, medical forums, playing skills, kicking and ball handling. Individual topics also comprised the scrum, lineout, attack, and defense.

To add a cachet of experience to the event, the organizers invited Don Rutherford, Technical Director of the RFU in England. He presented the forum's seminal topic, "Being a Coach in Rugby."

The four-day event proved a success for experienced coaches and, importantly, for beginners. One participant summed up the event by stating, "Total harmony, total direction, and total purpose."

All praise was given also to Jim Perkins and Ron Mayes of the National Coaching Committee.