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The first rugby contest played in Canada was in 1864. By 1868, the Montreal Football Club was formed, and most of the new teams later came from Quebec and Ontario. The sport established a foothold at McGill University, which, in 1874, traveled to Cambridge to play Harvard in the first rugby game played by an American squad. (This home and away contest repeats to this day.)

British Columbia picked up the game in 1876, and formed its union in 1879. In the start of the twentieth-century, BC universities would begin the historic rivalry with UC Berkeley. The Rugby Union of Canada started in 1929 (the same year as the formation of the New York RFC). The Union made its first tour to Japan in 1932. The name changed to Rugby Canada in 1964.

Rugby World Cup – Canada has played in all seven RWCs, advancing once. It has never finished in the top four places.

RWC 2015 Pool – Canada, France, Italy, Ireland and Romania

IRB World Ranking – 16th

Test Records (Selected teams):

Country           Played         Won    Lost     Draw

Japan               23                    8         13        2

Scotland             5                    2           3

England            12                    1         11

Ireland                7                     0          6        1

Wales               15                    1         14       

France               9                     1           8

Italy                   7                      2           5

USA                51                    38        12        1