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"Scrumdown" September 1975

Forty-years ago in September 1975, witnessed the formation of the United States Rugby Union in Chicago. The many years of attempting to form a single, national rugby organization had been met with regional wrangling and sectional distrust that took a decade to unravel. Finally, the USARFU was born.

The then four existing charter unions (Eastern, Midwest, Western, and Pacific Coast) decided to elect one member to the four executive positions, lasting two-years. These notable names were:

President, Victor Hilarov,* Midwest RFU

Vice President, Richard Moneymaker, Pacific Coast RFU

Treasurer, Gail Tennant Jr., Western RFU

Secretary, Edmund Lee*, Eastern RFU

The other attendees at this historic gathering were, Gerard Seymour, Pat Vincent*, Keith Seaber*, Bob Grierson, Terry Fleener*, Dennis Shaungher, H. Keith Haines, Bob Watkins, Joe Reagan, Peter Baigent, and Dick Smith*.

(* = Elected to the US Rugby Football Foundation Hall of Fame).

This, the fifth issue, was the last to headline the “Scrumdown” name. The next issue would be called “Rugby” to widen its appeal. Ed Hagerty (Old Blue) and Jon Prusmack (Westchester) would continue to shepherd the magazine, and their dedication to the sport, would also result in admission to the Hall of Fame.