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This Saturday's NatWest Six Nation's match of England versus Scotland is also the awarding of the Calcutta Cup, the world's oldest rugby union trophy, first presented in 1879.  The cup memorializes a rugby game in 1872 played in Calcutta pitting an English side against a combined Scottish, Welsh, and Irish team.

Since 2000, England have won the cup 14 times with 3 losses and one draw. Importantly, Scotland's few recent victories have come at home in Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh. The Scots have not won since 2008, and England are favored to win this weekend.

In 2017, England pummeled the Scots 61-21 at Twickenham, achieving the highest score tally of all previous contests.

The cup is made from melted down Indian silver rupees, a gift from the Calcutta RFC, which disbanded in 1874. The cup features ornate designs of Indian fauna, including cobras and elephants.

Although the Calcutta Club was defunct, the members wanted to leave a memorial of the short time rugby was played in India, presenting the trophy to the English Rugby Football Union in 1878. The first match in 1879 ended in a 3-3 draw.

World's Oldest Sports Trophies (Continual awarding)

The Calcutta Cup ranks ninth out of the ten oldest sports trophies, listed as follow:

Rank.   Year     Trophy                                    Sport & Country

1.         1673    Silver Arrow                  Archery Society of England

2.         1724    Musselburgh Cup         Golf, Scotland

3.         1816    St. John's Regatta        Sailing, Newfoundland, Canada

4.         1851    Americas Cup             Yachting, USA and UK (originally)

5.         1871    FA Cup                             Soccer Football, England

6.         1872    Claret Jug                       Golf, England

7.         1873    Scottish Cup               Soccer Football, Scotland

8.         1877    Wimbledon                  Tennis, England

9.         1879    Calcutta Cup             Rugby Union, England & Scotland

10.       1882    Ashes                            Cricket, England & Australia