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USA 7s players were active in the Carlton Super 7s in Sri Lanka this weekend.

No Americans were on the Jaffna Challengers, who pulled out of a 2-2 day in Pool Play to win the final over the North Western Blacks.

The highest finish for an American was Folau Niua, whose Northern Gladiators finished 4th.

Carlin Isles and the Sabaragamuwa Stallions beat the Southern Sharks to finish 7th. The Central Kings, with Colin Hawley and Brett Thompson, finished 9th.

Full results:
Final: Jaffna Challengers beat NWB 22-19
3rd/4th: North Central Typhoons beat Northern Gladiators 31-12
5th/6th: Western Warriors beat Uva Vipers 26-19
7th/8th: Sabaragamuwa Stallions beat Southern Sharks 24-5
9th/10th: Central Kings beat Eastern Eagles 40-10

Southern Sharks beat Eastern Eagles 12-5
Western Warriors beat Sabaragamuwa Stallions 28-26
Jaffna Challengers beat Northern Gladiators 24-19
North Western Blacks beat North Central Typhoons 17-14

Sabaragamuwa Stallions beat Central Kings 26-7
Uva Vipers  beat Eastern Eagles 19-12
Western Warriors  beat Central Kings 24-7
Northern Gladiators  beat Southern Sharks 17-7
Jaffna Challengers  beat Sabaragamuwa Stallions 20-14
North Central Typhoons  beat Eastern Eagles 29-10
North Western Blacks  beat Western Warriors 14-12

Northern Gladiators beat  Eastern Eagles 17-12
Central Kings beat  Jaffna Challengers 41-0
Southern Sharks beat Uva Vipers 29-21
Western Warriors  beat North Central Typhoons 19-14
Northern Gladiators beat North Western Blacks 19-5
Eastern Eagles beat Central Kings 19-17
Uva Vipers beat Sabaragamuwa Stallions 28-24
Southern Sharks beat North Central Typhoons 24-19
Jaffna Challengers beat North Western Blacks 26-14
Northern Gladiators beat Central Kings 49-7
Sabaragamuwa Stallions beat Western Warriors 38-14
North Central Typhoons beat Uva Vipers 21-17
Eastern Eagles beat North Western Blacks 24-17
Jaffna Challengers beat Northern Gladiators 26-12
Sabaragamuwa Stallions beat Southern Sharks 24-12
Western Warriors beat Uva Vipers    33-17
North Western Blacks beat Central Kings 21-19
Eastern Eagles beat Jaffna Challengers 28-14
North Central Typhoons beat Sabaragamuwa Stallions 19-5
Western Warriors beat Southern Sharks 33-7