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Australia isn’t taking the USA likely, especially now as they are right in the middle of a physical World Cup, and have lost to Ireland.

Coaching coordinator David Nucifora said the video analysis of the Ireland came wasn’t pleasant.

"It's not pretty viewing,” Nucifora said. “It's not the most enjoyable part of the job for the players or the coaches to review those sorts of performances, but you get a lot out of it and that's important."

But the lessons were clear – play better, especially with the USA coming into Wellington with nothing to lose.

Nucifora said he expects plenty of commitment from the Eagles.

" I thing they've shown that already; physical commitment,” he said. “They'll throw everything into us, into this match. They've done that in their first two games and we expect nothing less from them. It'll be a tough game."

It’s been tough enough already, and the Wallaby players are somewhat dinged up.

"At this point we expect everyone bar Digby (Ioane) to be available for selection on Friday night,” said Nucifora. “Obviously the only other one there is David Pocock, to see how he comes along and improves over the next day or two (sore back).”

Ioane isn’t too thrilled at having to miss the game with a broken thumb, but he has to think long-term.

"Probably some time this week I'll be taking off the cast and it all depends on my rehab,” the wing said. “Fingers crossed, hopefully I'll make it for the quarters if we get there. I'm a big believer in things happening for a reason. I've been through this situation before, so there's no need to be down about it. I've just got to get fit and come back stronger."