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One of the least known facts about rugby is that it is also played in a ten player version with similar rules. The oddity is that it was invented not in a traditional rugby playing nation, but in Malaysia. In fact, east Asia is home to most of the important tournaments.

As seen in the diagram below, most formations include five forward and five backs. But variations have also witnessed a three forward pack with sevens backs.

In 1994, an Eagle development side, consisting of many uncapped players, competed in the Malaysian 10s in Kuala Lumpur. Some familiar names today played in the tournament: Don James, Tom Billups, Scott Bracken, Jay Wilkerson, Dan Lyle, Chris Campbell, Rob Randell, Dave Gosch, Vaea Antitoni, Mark Scharrenberg, Ed Schram, Jeff Dumson, and Rich Shurfield. The team was coached by Dan Porter.

Twenty teams competed in four pools of five teams each. The Eagles played the first game against the Violets, a mixed-race South African side, tying 26-26. The second contest saw the Eagles win 7-0 against the Nabua team of Fiji. The final match, and a second win, came against Taiwan 26-10.

Advancing into the quarterfinal round, the Eagles lost a close match 17-15 to Ponsonby of New Zealand who started two All Blacks.