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Reports from the UK have England planning to bring a 50-man squad to Glendale's Infinity Park next July for two weeks of high altitude training ahead of the World Cup. England head man Stuart Lancaster coached the Saxons at the Churchill Cup in Denver in 2009. 

The United States won't likely have a Tier One test next year, as is customary during World Cup years, despite England being Stateside. But a training match between the Eagles and England may still be on the table. The USA will be in the middle of its Pacific Nations Cup campaign while England is here, as the annual tournament has been pushed into the summer, so the timing might be tricky.

Fitness has been a hot-button issue in the England camp of late, and the thin Colorado air would provide a test worthy of England's efforts. And bending its schedule to have a run-out of some kind with England ahead of the World Cup would certainly be beneficial to the USA.