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As reported by RUGBYMag 10 days ago, Carlin Isles is a Glasgow Warrior. He'll be with RaboDirect Pro 12 club until at least May 2015, as long as his visa comes through. Glasgow also retains the option to extend Isles another year under the current contract.

For the rest of the IRB 7s World Series season, Glasgow will make Isles available for USA head coach Matt Hawkins to select. With the Warriors, Isles' income more than triples from what he was earning at the Olympic Training Center.

We caught Isles for an exclusive Q&A about his decision to join the Warriors.

RM: You've got a futures contract with the Detroit Lions, and you've turned down the opportunity to sign overseas before. What was right about this contract offer, this team and the timing that swayed you?

Isles: It was a great opportunity. I prayed about it, asked God if he didn’t want me to close the [rugby] door, and he kept it open. And I felt like [Glasgow] really wanted me. They did a lot to get me there. Just talking to the staff, they’re real professional and they really want to take the time to invest in me. They see a good talent in me, and they told me how they could use me in good ways and develop me. They’re great guys there and one of my own teammates is there, as well. I just felt like it was an opportunity I couldn’t pass by, and they went through a lot to get me there.

RM: You’ve played a little bit of 15s, but not much. Glasgow knows that, obviously. Do you think it’s a situation where you can go in and compete for a spot this season, or what’s that transition to 15s going to be like for you?

Isles: It’s going to be a lot to figure out the schemes and stuff like that. I’ve just got to work hard and focus on what I can do. I haven’t played much in 15s, but I’m a fast learner, and I’m dedicated and I work hard.

RM: How much did it help that Folau Niua, your 7s teammate, is with the Warriors?

Isles: It helps a lot for me, because he’s somebody I know and I’m close with. He can help me out a lot, so we can learn together and excel together on the same team. Him being over there helps me out a lot.

RM: This doesn’t change your Olympic plans. It fits right with it. If the team qualifies, you’ll be there to play?

Isles: Yeah, exactly. It doesn’t affect the Olympics, thank God.