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Montpellier, France - USA and Montpellier outside center Seta Tuilevuka, who joined the French club from Las Vegas this fall, has re-signed with the club for another season, with a mutual option for a third.

Tuilevuka told that he is enjoying his time in the South of France city, where he is helping Montpellier to their best Top 14 season ever.

"Things are definitely going well; I am playing a lot now," Tuilevuka said. "The coaches like the way I play and they've been working with me - a lot of one-on-one and film sessions. I am lifting weights now; I've never lifted weights before. And I am more confident."

Tuilevuka said he has transformed his game somewhat from a more elusive running style to more confrontational - the better to handle tough pro French defenses.

"I feel good running with the ball and I feel much more like I want to hit someone," he said. "I now feel I can go into contact, have two or three guys on me, and offload. Things are working out for me."

Things may well be working out for Montpellier as well. The club is 5th and 13-8-1, just a single point behind Biarritz for 4th. If they remain in the top six they qualify for the Heineken Cup and make the Top 14 playoffs. A top four place means a home playoff game.

Montpellier has four games left, against two 12-10 teams, Bayonne and Toulon, and two teams with losing records, Bourgoin (2-20) and Brive (6-14-2), givine them an excellent shot to catch teams above them.