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Abel Barrientes photo

Eric Fry will start at loosehead in Newcastle’s European Challenge Cup debut against Bucuresti Friday in Newcastle, England. Fry has spent much of the season playing in the Aviva ‘A’ competition, but has seen some Premiership action with the Falcons. Friday marks Fry’s first match in European championship rugby.

“It will be a new experience for me this week to be playing in Europe and one I am very excited about,” Fry said in a story on Newcastle’s website. “At Scottish we had the British and Irish Cup which isn’t quite the same but gives you a taster of these types of matches.”

For his efforts in the Aviva ‘A’ competition, Fry picked up the nickname ‘Two Try Fry’.

“It’s been pretty funny that little nickname, which has lead to a lot of good banter since then so it would be great to get another two tries and keep that going! In all seriousness though, this competition is about keeping momentum going, both as a club and personally, so everyone is going out there to put on a show.”

Though ESPN3 is carrying several European Challenge Cup matches live, Newcastle’s opener against Bucuresti isn’t one of them.

“We’ve watched Bucharest’s last couple of games to qualify for this cup and the boys who were here last year have spoken about what it is was like going to Bucharest last year and how I think they came in just a bit complacent and it turned into a very tough game.”

“They are a big, tough side who do a lot of things very well, so there’s no room for complacency. There is room for confidence and to carry that momentum that we have forward.”

“We’ve been talking about bringing energy and aggression and about playing fast, open rugby at the weekend so we’re going to look to continue to do that.”