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Toby L'Estrange. Judy Teasdale photo.
Toby L'Estrange. Judy Teasdale photo.

Two USA players (not the two mentioned in this article) are about to sign with another overseas club.

Toby L'Estrange of NYAC and Tai Tuisamoa of OMBAC are set to sign with the Green King IPA Championship club.

The signing will be a good thing for L'Estrange, as he will get out of the snowy weather of New York and be able to train full-time with a professional club as he looks to keep his flyhalf spot with the USA team.

Tuisamoa came to the fore in the fall, playing well for the USA Selects in the ARC, and then on to making the full Eagles squad for November. The 33-year-old lock might be a shade old for his first pro contract, but he has not played so much rugby that he is worn down, and he represents another of the athletic, powerful, US-eligible Polynesian players clubs are starting to look at.

Both players are expected to be signed through the end of the season.