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USA Rugby CEO Nigel Melville has dismissed the latest press speculation that he is leaving USA Rugby for supposedly greener pastures in the UK.

A heavy round of tweets and reports the past few hours have indicated that Melville has applied for the CEO job at the RFU (meaning, the English Rugby Football Union). Melville told Monday morning that this is not the case.

Melville was in a Twitter conversation with RFU council member Andrew Sarek, during which Sarek asked Melville if he was going to England for the Churchill Cup (Melville is not). He then asked Melville if he were to apply for a job at the RFU, would it be in high performance or the CEO job.

Melville replied, and Sarek re-tweeted, “ i will apply for the ceo job, its what I have been doing for the last 4 years.”

Melville told that he was speaking hypothetically, and that the comment was taken out of context.

“Am I going back to England? No,” Melville told “Do I have plans to go back? No. It’s all speculation and it’s all rubbish.”

An official announcement that he is not interested in the RFU job will be released by USA Rugby, probably Monday.