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Now we’re into the heart of the overseas season, and we’re seeing which of the Americans overseas are playshawing a lot of rugby, and which ones are not.

We’ve got a few more names on the list as some have come to light, and others are back playing regularly.

In addition, has developed a Professional Power Rating, which combines ratings of a professional team’s competition level, how much game time the player is getting, and how much impact that specific player is having when he players – this last is based on reports, and how he is used.

We have left off the college players for now.

Here’s our list:

Samua Manoa

Northampton Saints


Takudzwa Ngwenya



Chris Wyles



Todd Clever

NTT Shining Arcs


Roland Suniula



Scott LaValla

Stade Francais


Inaki Basauri



Eric Fry



Seta Tuilevuka



Callum Black



Tony Estrella

Toshiba Brave Lupus


Paul Emerick



Mate Moeakiola

USON (Nevers)


Derek Asbun

Rosslyn Park


Robbie Shaw



Otusia Tupouata

La Rochell


Samu Manoa is rated the highest because he’s playing on one of the top leagues, starting every week, playing (usually) all 80 minutes, and is a star player for the top team in the league.

Taku Ngwenya, Chris Wyles, and Todd Clever are all star starting players for good teams. Clever maintains his strong rating by being a central figure for NTT, despite being in a slightly weaker league that the Premiership or the French Top 14.

What’s up this week:
Manoa started for Northampton as they won 24-6 over Wasps. Paul Emerick did not play for Wasps but has been playing regularly for the Wasps A side. Derek Asbun has been playing some as a sub hooker for Wasps A. Northampton is 5-0 and tops the Premiership. At 2-3, Wasps are 10th.

Chris Wyles started at wing for Saracens in their 18-16 victory over Harlequins. The victory kept Saracens in 3rd place, and dropped Harlequins out of 1st.

Clever and NTT were idle.

Taku Ngwenya was a sub at wing for Biarritz in their frustrating 16-15 loss to Bayonne.

Scott LaValla started at flanker for Stade Francais in their 28-25 loss to 1st-place Clermont. Biarritz is now 4-3 and 5th in the French Top 14. Paris (Stade Francais) is 12th at 2-4-1.

See video of LaValla and Stade Francais here.

Paris is in pink. LaValla wears #7 and is the one with the headband.

Roland Suniula and Auch were idle. Suniula is starting regularly for Auch in the French Pro D2. Inaki Basauri is in good form for Tarbes, also idle.

Prop Eric Fry has been off the lineup sheet in recent weeks but returned to the bench for the Manawatu Turbos in their 51-35 loss to Otago.

Some more players: Callum Black has been on the bench for Ulster and is playing well. There’s a serious question regarding whether he will be tracked for the Irish national team or the USA. That question is in part why Hanno Dirksen is not on this list, as he is currently being considered in the Welsh setup.

Tony Estrella is playing for Toshiba, which is doing very well. The former Cal prop is a bit under the radar but he played for the USA U19s. Robbie Shaw had not been playing much at Leeds but is still around, playing in Richmond.

Otusia Tupouata is a young prospect who has signed at La Rochelle in France.  More in him soon.