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With less than a month to go before the Pan-Am Games being, reports are that several new venues are not ready. 

The Guadalajara Reporter reports that the new athletics stadium is only 85 percent complete, and venues for handball, karate, Basque pelota, rowing, canoeing and rugby are all incomplete.

The deadline for the athletics stadium is very tight, as the opening ceremonies are October 14. They have a little more time for the rugby venue, Tlaquepaque Stadium, which won't be needed until about two weeks later. The Rugby 7s tournament, which includes the USA and Canada, will kick off October 29.

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“We’ve had problems with the developer in charge, he has not advanced as planned, so we will get other builders in to speed up the process,” said Hugo Rodriguez,  the Organizing Committee's director of Infrastructure. “We want it to be finished in September. Maybe a few added details will be completed in October, but everything will be ready before the 14th. What’s missing is the floor, the roof cover and the paintwork. We are already working on the track.”

Such delays are not unprecedented. Many of the venues in Rio de Janeiro remained unfinished a month before the 2007 Pan American Games began, including the athletes’ village, the main stadium, a water park and a major sports complex. The Athens Olympics of 2004 experienced similar problems.

In contrast, the Olympic Committee in London announced on July 19 that 88 percent of the sporting infrastructure was already complete a year ahead of the 2012 Olympic Games.

The Athletes' Village is still due to open October 4.