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The Georgia Advancement Express derailed last Saturday when Romania defeated Georgia 8-7 in Arch of Triumph Stadium in Bucharest. The win also handed Romania the European Rugby Championship, as both nations went 4-1. Romania won the title on their direct confrontation victory against Georgia.

Both sides scored tries in the first half, and then, both teams missed several penalty opportunities throughout the rest of the game.

But Romania added on one penalty to take and hold a slim 8-7 lead and ultimate victory.

Georgia have already qualified for Rugby World Cup Japan 2019. Romania are now in a good place to qualify for the other European RWC slot.

Of note is that the annual match between these two nations is for the Antimoz Iverieli Cup, first played in 2002. The cup bearer's name was a Georgian scholar (1650-1716),  later canonized by the Romanian Orthodox Chuch.